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which seems to be a bit of a unicorn to find in a single person?

Thankfully I've still got my hands pretty full, as I've got a solid 40 or so pounds to lose before I'm content with my own situation. The hunt doesn't exactly have me terribly excited It’s possible though.

We met at the dog park and would just walk and talk for an hour or two while our dogs played. I think I have spinach in my teeth" or "aaaand now my breath smells like garlic and hummus" or "shit, did I drink too much? You're probably having problems with your new standards because you're still applying them to your old haunts. Sometimes you've gotta be somewhere new to get new results. Just started dating someone I really like but his food habbits are so different from mine and it's presenting challenges. We just got back from a weekend trip (our first time spending a full few days together)) and was hard for me watching how much food he consumes, and the quality of that food (poor choices).

Go for a walk, see a film without paying wild prices for snacks, go to a museum or gallery, go sightseeing, do a skill swap, take a (cheap) class together, play tourists, go to a park with swings/slides, farmers' market (talk about all the fruit and vegetables you love cooking for low calorie meals rather than snacking on things), flower market, craft fair, historic site etc. Almost anything you would do by yourself or with friends, you could do with a date, so you're only limited by your own imagination and what's available where you are.

If you want to find someone who shares your values re: calories/exercise/weight loss and maintenance (your idea of healthy might not be everyone else's; you may need to snack all day to keep from binging while someone else may eat the majority of their calories at dinner), suggesting you bring them as a 1 to your gym, if it has that, and take a class together, or asking if they want to spend the day hiking could act as a filter.

I still get the occasional "youre no fun" chants but I just make a comment about how Im insane enough sober and they couldnt handle drunk me. It is so hard to plan dates that aren't at a bar. But I have to be ok with me before I add another element. Usually the point was to see if the person was tolerable enough to spend more time with. If they aren't, you only really have to stick around as long as it takes you to drink your coffee!

After all, who doesn't want a little liquid courage when meeting someone new? Less time commitment (since so many dates seem to be bad) and fewer calories! I've started admitting my 5x week 7am gym schedule/no drinking/paleo lifestyle in my bios on online dating - it definitely weeds people out. I've done a LOT of online dating and I've done a lot of things like walking around a lake (a busy one!

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