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Alfie Deyes’ announcement of his extravagant new office was his most controversial vlog in quite a while.Alfie, who admitted that he likes to liberally splash his You Tube cash, was bashed for being “wasteful” and “frivolous” by many angry commenters.Zoella’s Instagram account presently boasts more than 9.3million followers.On You Tube she can also be found posting under Zoella, where she has 14 million subscribers.Recently, Zoella fans went into meltdown over speculation that she's expecting a baby with Alfie.Zoella, 27, from Brighton wrote on Twitter: “Me & Alfie talking about water birth: Me: Do you know why they need a sieve?

She recently delighted fans with a haul video from an epic Primark shopping spree of items like a fluffy throw, high heels, skinny jeans, a jewellery box, candles and cushions.

He revealed that the space was meant for 30 people, but he will be using it for himself. I need to upload gaming videos, and I need to just get better at doing You Tube. With You Tube, because I do everything from home, I find it way too easy to procrastinate.” Alfie said he was going to pimp out the office.

“For me and my friends to chill, hang out, film videos, and play crazy videos and adventures. I want this place to be like the Brighton You Tube hub.” “You guys know how much I love stupid gadgets.

Zoella is like the sister you never had but always wanted. Her debut novel Girl Online was released in November 2014.

A sequel, Girl Online: On Tour was released in 2015 and a third entitled Girl Online: Going Solo was released in November 2016.

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