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It was our last album in our current contract, and there were already indications Capitol may not want to renew.In fact, a few weeks later, after having sold twenty million albums for them, Capitol dropped us. I need to take a break and put Heart on hold.” I was speechless.It seemed like his inner Mike Damone was vanquishing his Mark Ratner, just when we needed him more than ever.Times could not be more right for some sun and an aphoristic bit of dialogue that cuts to the heart like good Springsteen (certainly another north star contender, thanks to his relationship with Patti Scialfa).For all the sneering and posturing, most rockers are closet idealists and romantics who also want to be “complete.” The harder the nihilism, the deeper the need for a happy ending. I once sent an interview request to him via a second party for a book I was writing on David Bowie.I don’t know Nancy Wilson, even though, as a child of the 70s, I heard “Barracuda,” “Magic Man,” and “Crazy On You” constantly: at the beach, the pizza place, the transistor radio in the bathroom.

When Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon split, I rolled my eyes as some of my actor friends fretted loudly over their cigarettes and maple-syrup-cleanse lemonades. Crowe is also attached to a 20th anniversary documentary on Pearl Jam, who he’d profiled about for One cannot imagine a Crowe/Wilson split as anything but amicable, and maybe they will reconcile, but if they don’t it’s entirely possible that Crowe’s relationship with Pearl Jam will now last longer than his relationship with his wife.Rock ‘n’ roll never forgets, Bob Seger once promised, and it’s a comfort to know that there are always albums under the bed that will love and inspire us unconditionally but a certain kind of rock and roller’s dream ends with the end of this celebrity marriage.And I don’t know the circumstances of their split, which was made public on September 23.“Irreconcilable differences,” was the formal cause. The ramifications, on the other hand, I know well: it’s the strongest piece of evidence yet that us rock people simply cannot mate for life.

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