Who is craig mabbitt currently dating

Hiya, im lily.....the flower....sexier then the flower.

He’s spoken at length about being mercilessly bullied in his formative years.

Then we would go out to dinner after stalking their tour bus and meeting them in all their awesomeness.

After all that was done we would go into the forest so you could watch me do my chants to the earth gods in the forest with my pixie friends.

Having endured yet another tumultuous year following the release of their critically acclaimed fourth full-length , vocalist Craig Mabbitt is excited to be able to bring the latest, “most close-knit” incarnation of Escape The Fate down under for the 2015 edition of the Soundwave Festival.“I love Australia, and I love the festival, but I’m even more excited than usual because the band is just getting along so well at the moment,” he says.

“I can’t wait to get down under and show them what Australia is all about.” has been ravaged by controversies and legal dramas relating to the departures of, first, guitarists Michael and Monte Money, then of bassist Max Green.

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