Who is david draiman dating

For some reason, he seems like he needs to date models for like insecurity, cuz in one interview he said he didn't feel like he fit in.. well, if that all he cares about with these models, then, they are just flings, and one day he will get bored if he ever comes to his senses.. At one point he is telling women off the streets to come up to him.. he only dates anything with fake tits and score of 8 . Nobody said that she was a bitch, but she is egotistical. i just think he moves way too fast and i never once called her a bitch..

For some reason, he seems like he needs to date models for like insecurity, cuz in one interview he said he didn't feel like he fit in.. If you look at her myspace page, it proves besides, it doesnt matter how much we bitch. But we can't stop every girl from being mad and saying what they want about her. But, does he really make her happy or this another trophy for now?

He has learned from experienced that sometimes it’s best to keep his mouth shut.

During the four years Disturbed were away, Draiman maintained a strong profile in the metal community by regularly sharing his thoughts about the world via Twitter and Facebook.

Before David Draiman, the vocalist for heavy metal band Disturbed, got married and had a child, many of his lyrics stemmed from personal pain and frustration.

He vented about the psychological turmoil caused by a number of dysfunctional relationship, the suicide of a close friend, and being taken advantage of by opportunists who posed as friends.

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saying he has been dating her for a while, and they got married last month... Anybody that gets the magazine or knows of anyone wanna look into this? I just think this is causing him to date the wrong women and getting the wrong "love" or but he's not as young as he was and being in a band with 3 other married men is make it less cool to be doing thatalso if you watch this video David seems less keen on having the lifestyle you suggest he wants We and our partners use Cookies and non-sensitive data to personalize your experience, measure audience and provide personalized advertising.

His brother once said he is Disturbed, maybe he is right lol...

she is like woo hoo, i am cared about, i am "loved".. u have to really care about that other person, or move on..she says she found "the one"..

It said she went to college, but she seems more egotistical than Jasmine.. I love the way how girls (usually the not so shiny ones) bash hot girls how, "stupid they are" or "how over-something they are" .

David Michael Draiman aka David Draiman is one of those who have brought the genre to new heights, valiantly preserving it.

He is an American songwriter and the vocalist for the metal band Disturbed, known for their fist banging anthems as well as for the band Device.

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