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But I agree she had no spark with the two Fallons, the two Amandas, or Adam.

Interestingly, she did have a spark with Heather Locklear -- which is when Sammy Jo became really interesting.

Karen Cellini was much better, but the part just didn;t make much sense.

The thing about DYNASTY was that almost none of them were genuinely good actors except for John Forsythe (and he played his role as if he were a sterner Ronald Reagan) and perhaps Kathleen Beller.

In all honesty, most of the cast were pretty terrible.

I've always found Forsythe's delivery to be particularly hammy and bad.

Alexis might have been a bitch but she always wanted only the best for her kids and yeah, sometimes she went overboard but in those cases it wasn't malicious or deliberate to hurt her kids.

), and though Oxenburg was very beautiful and is related to royalty, she's a terrible actress.But most of the other actors were very beautiful but completely wooden: John James, Jack Coleman, Michael Nader, Pamela Bellwood, Wayne Northrup, Catherine Oxenburg, and especially the charisma-free Emma Samms.And though Joan Collins is excellent at camp, she is never very believable when she has to be emotional--that was the point, though.Dominique is singing and Jeff walks into the room, we get a flashback of him and Fallon and when the camera comes back to Jeff, he has these two, huge fake glycerin tears running down his face.[quote]Alexis is so camp and even though they always say it, there's never any real indication that Alexis loves her children.Part of that was due to Joan Collins's inadequacies as an actress.

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