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The kids wanted more dramatic storylines After an encounter with a girl who dumped her boyfriend because Kelly did, Thiessen and Berkley asked for more series plots with real issues.Berkley got her wish when she scored the famous "I'm so scared" caffeine pill addiction episode and even asked to talk to real life addicts! Diamond began drinking After meeting an extra who gave him his first swig, Diamond began to drink.The revamped version didn't fare much better and after a terrible review, the NBC sitcom continued to get poor ratings.But overnight word caught on, ratings spiked, and the series was a bonafide hit. Hormones were in the air It seemed that Voorhies and Gosselaar locked eyes from that first casting call and were an item almost immediately.on Monday and unveiled what (allegedly) happened behind the cameras of our favorite childhood sitcom.But instead of Zack Morris running the show, this time it was all about Screech — and the story from outcast Dustin Diamond's perspective.executive producer Peter Engel was a cocaine user and insinuates that Engel may or may not have had sex with both Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Tiffani Thiessen in his office, both individually and in threesome situations: "[Thiessen] also began to be summoned upstairs for long, cloosed-door meetings... ) were called together into [Engel]'s inner sanctuary for another mystery marathon behind closed doors." Of course, another possibility is just that Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Tiffani Thiessen were the show's biggest money makers and most popular faces, and that Engel may not have wanted salary or business discussions with individual castmembers to become public knowledge, but why bother with logic?star never addressed the rumors specifically, though he did side-eye Screech's tome, telling interviewers, "Everything that I've heard about his book is negative and I don't remember those things.

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Diamond, for his part, had his first kiss when his character had to smooch Violet (Tori Spelling) but when Diamond made moves off-camera she just wanted to meet Mark. Diamond was the outcast It's no secret Diamond wasn't well-liked, but it seemed that it was more of an age issue than anything else.

Mancuso, 18 years Diamond's senior, "treated him like an equal" and their relationship became sexual as he got older.

Mancuso passed away in 2003 at 44, so who knows how accurate this actually is?

(Jennie Garth, meanwhile, was passed on for the role.) Voorhies was also supposed to be a "Jewish American Princess" and Lopez Italian. Zack was always supposed to be the all-American blonde boy, so a half-Indonesian Gosselaar had to get his hair from a bottle! The series nearly got canned for a second time First, Disney cancelled .

Then, NBC executive Brandon Tartikoff restructured the series to focus on the kids rather than the teacher and move it to a cool California location.

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