Who is emmett cullen dating in twilight

AU Bella x Jasper, Ex A[New Moon AU] Bella took a hard fall and awoke a week later as a newborn vampire with no memory of her former self — and she is far from alone.

Before she knew it she was friends with vampires, defending the town from an army of newborns, falling in love with a shifter; and did I mention that she had a secret of her own? Set in the pre-colonial times of the Makah and Quileute Tribe, Leah ventures to the Quileute territory to become the bride of Jacob Black. For 12 years she longed to know the truth about her past.The supernatural tale of star-crossed lovers continues as the Cullen family flees Forks in order to protect Bella (Kristen Stewart), and the heartbroken high-school senior discovers that vampires aren't the only creatures in town.Realizing that Bella will never be safe as long as he's around, Edward (Robert Pattinson) makes the difficult decision to leave his beloved behind shortly after her 18th birthday.It was not too long ago that I desired the same until I crossed paths with him. Does her dark, dangerous imprint want her like she wants him? Or should she stay with a long lost lover, returning home a different person..should I say monster."But here I found myself, on my way to a beautiful lake, with my History teacher; Mr. I half expected him to lecture me about some war along the way. Brain Lahote was a normal teenager living a normal life.His love is a death sentence and ever since he laid eyes on me, all I wanted was to become invisible. They don't know who she is, only that she came out of the forest, naked, scarred, and covered in blood. One that he knew way too much about, and that I cared too little for."Bella is over the Cullens, over feeling hurt, over being the human side project. But everything changed once the fever set and he phased into one of the La Push wolves.

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