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And I find it really moving.”As for Bateman’s own story, it hasn’t been easy. They thought I was a narc or something.” She’s sobbed in her car after getting exams back–“I would hold it together until I got to the parking structure and then just lose it.” And she suffered through college job fairs where “the guy behind me has got like a 4.0 in all his computer science classes and the person in front of me already interned at Facebook last year and is a senior–I hate the job fair.”Then there are the daily challenges of being a wife and mother (she has two school-aged children) who’s taking a full load of college courses and spends every weekday on campus, whether she has classes or not, in order to commit to school like a job. Why was her “post-fame” move, as she calls it, a CS degree? ” she says, laughing.) And as someone who starred on one of the biggest and most beloved TV show of the ‘80s, does she really need to work? It’s for 25 cents.”After the show went off the air, the two-time Emmy-nominated Bateman kept acting, but says she became less interested in the roles she was offered.

Meanwhile, she was interested in technology and has always been an early adopter–she joined Tumblr back when to join Tumblr meant “you followed David Karp and all the (Tumblr) employees and they followed you–it was a pretty small group.” And so in 2007 she started a digital production company and started writing and producing content.

But when she tried to make deals with entertainment companies and brands, she got nowhere fast.“I started putting together long-form projects, say, 22 minutes for a sitcom and 42 minutes or something like that for an hour-long show.

I didn’t feel like it was groundbreaking, nor would anyone think it was groundbreaking now, but at the time people reacted like it was.“The concept that my partners and I had was to film regular shows for strictly Internet distribution.

Another part of the yard has a couple of built-in water features and a glass-enclosed wooden gazebo for—we don’t know—having tea in the rain or maybe meditating.

Given that the Bateman-Anka’s paid three million clams for this place and, as well maintained as it all appears to be, given all that it needs in updates and upgrades we imagine it’ll be some time and another couple million spent before they actually move their still-growing young family move in.

He quickly went on to sitcom child stardom on the silly and shallow Silver Spoons, then on the short-lived It’s Your Move and, in the mid- to late-80s, on Valerie, a network switching family comedy later known as The Hogan Family and Valerie’s Family.The somewhat snug formal dining room overlooks the front motor court and is dressed in an old fashioned and not-quite-scaled-correctly printed wall covering (or mural) that depicts a bunch of birds hanging out on the branches of nearly leafless trees.There’s also a paneled library, a den and an eat-in kitchen with adjoining breakfast room, built-in glass-fronted china cabinets and white tile counter tops painted (or screen printed) with decoratively saccharine little bouquets of multi-colored flowers.Over nighting guests or live-in domestic staff can be comfortably and privately accommodated in a self-contained guest house that Your Mama thinks sits atop the detached two car garage and contains, according to listing information, a living room, kitchen, play area, one bedroom and a bathroom.Red brick terracing laid in a tight basket weave pattern surrounds the backyard swimming pool where there’s some sort of blue statue sticking up out of the shallow end.

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