Who is malika from khloe and lamar dating

I was just explaining how their situations are different because he was not married when he met Khloe.

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This idiot gets into a relationship with a man who is still married. This idiot gets into a relationship with a man who is still married. This idiot gets into a relationship with a man who is still married. the fact that he was seeing malika while he was separated is neither here nor there as far as i'm concerned but the fact that he would do it on national tv is just straight disrespect to his wife and for that reason alone, i would not have taken his ass back. You must have missed the big Twitter blowup between him, the wife and the mistress. It was heartbreaking but I too eventually walked away after they reconciled. I'm free to date and marry a good man while my ex's wife still has to live a deal with a rampant cheater if a woman thinks a man is not going to have sex while they are separated especially for over 6 months you are smoking some good ish. There are tens of thousands of black women who have stayed with their cheating husbands. She IS ugly, and him dating her does not prove that he thinks or even thought that she was attractive.... and this is my opinion, and I don't have to commend her for a got damn thing, should we give her props for being Rob's friend with benefits too since she's such a respectable and honorable woman in your opinion?!?!?!?! Kudos to them for finding a way to save their family. And if a man isn't adamant about getting a divorce before he starts a new relationship then he's obviously still hanging onto something, so Khloe was right to put her girl in check. Oh, you thought Khloe was the first woman Lamar proposed to? All I know is Khloe is in no position to judge Malika considering Kris' history of infidelity when she was married to Bob K.

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Oh, and he decided to reconcile with his wife, Alicia, and give her the "wedding of her dreams" in Maui on March 11th. Getting back together was something that we had to talk about for a very long time. It was never really about any other person, it was about us individually." Adrian Wilson on how he felt he was portrayed on "Khloe and Lamar" and the negative backlash he received: "The whole episode attacked my character, and it was shown in a way that reflected the opposite of who I really am. Then suddenly he started to act wired since january and broke up with me in two week back saying he has a new girl friend. I appreciate the fact that she maintains her appearance and is conscientious not only about how she looks but how she carries herself. Khloe married Lamar after knowing him for a whole month.

The couple renewed their vows in front of 60 of their friends and family during a beach ceremony--with 2 gown changes from Alicia (both pictured above). Adrian Wilson on accusations he "cheated" with Malika on "Khloe and Lamar": "We were separated for six months. We talked some times all night long and into the next morning — talking about what needed to change. But again he started to come back to me 6 days but But finally on the 7 day I figured out he was sleeping with that girl and me at the same time. Then I met [email protected] internet and I told him everything. For the world audience that loves me haha rearranging u life for me still on my d! And if his wife takes him back she's another idiot. And if his wife takes him back she's another idiot. And if his wife takes him back she's another idiot. Lamar had 3 kids with his ex and spent 10 years with her.

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