Who is martha stewart dating

Finally, Emily did manage to find true love with Royce Keller, a renowned architect.At that point, international businessman Damian Grimaldi came to Oakdale and set up a contest between Emily and Lucinda's longtime right hand man, Kirk Anderson, as to who would handle the Kingsley-Malta account in Oakdale and Emily won the contest.She became engaged, again, to Jeff Hamlin, only to have him leave her when he learned she purposely caused her mother not to get an out of state job, just so she wouldn't leave Oakdale.

Luckily for Emily, Paul arrived and, needing to protect her from James's wrath, Paul grabbed a gun (given to Emily by Brock Lombard) seemingly shot his father dead.

Hoping for an advantage, Emily did some digging and found some interesting tidbits about Ellie's past.

Unfortunately, Ellie told Craig all about her past before Emily had a chance.

Not long after, Emily confessed to Brock the reason that James had died--shed slept with his teenage son, Paul.

To her surprise, Brock was forgiving and informed her that he was planning on divorcing his wife in secret so that he and Emily could be together.

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