Who is richard dean anderson currently dating

Fleeing the scene with Jack, they are confronted by a man named John Kendrick holding Nikki hostage.Mac gives up the bio-weapon, but Kendrick shoots both him and Nikki anyway, killing her and badly wounding Mac before fleeing with the weapon.

Mac began to rely heavily on this support after his father, left.After losing a bet with Wilt Bozer, Mac was forced to ask Darlene to prom and she rejected him harshly.Mac would later claim he hadn't wanted to go to prom anyway as he wanted to watch a live shuttle launch on TV that night instead.In the onset of the series, Mac Gyver has been working as a field agent in DXS under the purview of Director Patricia Thornton for just over three years while partnered with Jack Dalton, his security and intel specialist, and Nikki Carpenter, a senior computer analyst whom Mac had also been dating for the past two years.He currently lives in a shared house with his best friend Wilt Boozer who like the general public believes that DXS is just a Think-Tank.

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