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But just before he signed on the dotted line, Jimmy exposed the couple's affair and Tom went mad.

He gave Matthew a choice – be with Sadie or take over the company.

Charity decided to wage war against her nemesis by sleeping with Jimmy and videotaping the whole event.

In the film, Jimmy revealed everything about Sadie's plots, her alliance with Cain and the state of their marriage.

But, although it would have been the answer to all her problems, Sadie could not bring herself to have sex with Tom, unsurprisingly.

It transpired that Matthew King (Matt Healy) had been in love with Sadie for years and they were even sleeping together before she married Jimmy.

Sick of being rejected by Jimmy, Sadie began an affair with local mechanic Robert Sugden (Karl Davies) – who couldn’t believe his luck.

Her love life might have been complicated, but Sadie's big interest was money.

The bitchy blonde, who married wealthy Tom King's (Ken Farrington) eldest son Jimmy (Nick Miles), took an instant dislike to her father-in-law's ex-fiancée Charity Tate (Emma Atkins), and made her feelings very clear.

The repercussions saw Tom disown Jimmy and Sadie, their marriage ended and Sadie found herself alone.

She had no intention of losing everything - while she knew her marriage was beyond saving, Sadie launched a bid to get back into the family business.

Having snared a rich fiancé in the form of dimwitted Alasdair Sinclair (Ray Coulthard), she was a marriage ceremony away from being filthy rich again.

But there were two problems standing in her way, Alasdair's manipulative and suspicious mother Rosemary (Linda Thorson) and ex-lover Matthew.

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