Who is tyson beckford dating 2016

have you seen her kids they are mixed with black but look more like their mom.This world needs to wake up because i am tired of hearing dumb ass racsist people who don’t even know shit.and where are you going with kimora lee simmons ain’t black…just cus she may favour one race doesn’t mean she ain’t multiracial.People get informed, listen in school and if you are out of school, please use the internet so you won’t be so ill-informed.

Not that unique considering the history of this country.

Samoia (spelling) and euthropians don’t even look like other africians.

It is said that they are more arab blood than other Africian countries. Log in to Reply Somalians and Ethopians are black with Arabic and Greek.

one more example did you know mariah carey is half black?

there are many people like you that don’t even know this because of people lack of knowledge like yourself.

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