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In Roland Emmerich's disaster film 2012 (2009), he played a family novelist who attempts to survive the apocalypse and save mankind.

Cusack played Edgar Allan Poe in James Mc Teigue's biopic film The Raven (2012) and starred in David Cronenberg's Maps to the Stars (2014).

John Cusack is just one of the many actors Minnie Driver has dated over the years. It appears the beauty, who recently did a guest stint on TV's Will & Grace, is single for now.

The two met on the set of 1997's Grosse Point Blank. Alison Eastwood and Cusack heated up the screen on and off set when they met while filming 1997's Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

Winona Ryder has been keeping a low profile since her conviction for shoplifting.

The actress, whose ex-boyfriends include Christian Slater, Johnny Depp, Matt Damon and Jimmy Fallon, is set to star alongside Ray Romano (Everybody Loves Raymond) in the comedy Eulogy. The actor is probably best known for his role in the Broadway revival of The Music Man, but he is also famous for dating blonde actresses such as Meg Ryan and Charlize Theron.

For now the Far From Heaven star has settled down with Anna Poche, 20. Despite the media frenzy that was Russell Crowe's affair with Meg Ryan, Crowe's finace Danielle Spencer has invited the Against the Ropes star to their wedding set for April 7 (Russell's birthday).

Like so many other Hollywood actresses, Claire Forlani tends to date her co-stars.He blogged on his opposition to the war in Iraq and his hatred for the Bush administration, calling its worldview "depressing, corrupt, unlawful, and tragically absurd".Cusack criticized the Obama administration for its drone policy in the Middle East and its support of the National Defense Authorization Act, and became one of the initial supporters of the Freedom of the Press Foundation in 2012.In November 2017, Cusack became a member of the Democratic Socialists of America.Cusack is a fan of both the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago White Sox, for which he says he is "in trouble" in Chicago due to the longstanding rivalry between the teams.

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