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Researchers wanted to find out how marriage kept so many of 1,042 55 year olds healthy.Was it because spouses tend to take better care of their health?So then we have seen that the dream of lifelong happiness with a faithful partner is very much alive and if anything becoming stronger.As it does, so the pressures against the sex revolution continue to grow.

Now the woman is likely to be in her fifties, married, with a husband portrayed as a "new man", retired, at home, sharing household duties, enjoying a new lease of life together.

There is a lack of youth in many developed nations.

Europe has the lowest birth rate of its entire history - only 1.48 children per woman in a lifetime.

Existing Windows Live Messenger users will be greeted with an upgrade notification from April 8th onwards that will prevent them from signing into the service.

Contrary to Microsoft's confusing email to some Windows Live Messenger users, and other reports, Windows Live Messenger will not cease functioning on March 15th for everyone.

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