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"He knows this is the best thing."The programme uses social learning theory, whereby people copy the behaviour of those around them, to try and get boys to stand up for women and change social norms.This can involve simple actions, like walking away from a classmate who is talking badly about a girl.Remember, no one knows you better than yourself, so leave avoice messagethat pertains to your own creativity and voice.

This man is doing something wrong.' Out of that, many other people will join hands with you."At the end of the class, boys in Nairobi's Makongeni Secondary School do a shout out to build their confidence, punching the air and chanting: "I've got my spirit ... Now, what I'm about tell you are statements I've used that have worked a huge percentage of the time.I understand our method is to side step any pre-conceived pick up lines, so I ask that you take what I'm about to tell you as guidelines for your next voice messages.Afterwards, it dropped to 30 percent, Ujamaa's data showed."It's because of the way they have been brought up," Omondi said.'DON'T TOUCH MY BODY'Violence against women is common in Kenya.Around a dozen women were stripped naked and assaulted last year because they were wearing miniskirts or other clothing perceived to be immodest.

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