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Or is it possible that past experiences have made them afraid of long term relationships?

Here are a few suggestions on how to approach a commitment-phobe during the early stages of dating.

It’s safe to say he was fully invested in their relationship.

Except every time she brought up their future or the possibility of marriage, he would clam up.

Perhaps they’re at work, school, or another activity, and can’t get back to you ASAP. Don’t cause unnecessary conflict.-Don't try to book them in advance Respect their pace. Social media is usually the culprit of misunderstandings and issues.He basically vanishes and leaves you wondering, “Why? “Why can’t we enjoy our relationship like it is now? ” Man Decoder: The Truth About Why He Won’t Commit Yup, you’re in a relationship with a ‘commitment phobe’ and you’re left terrified and wondering if you will ever have a stable relationship with the man you love. There is a huge difference between a commitment phobe, and someone who just doesn’t want to commit.The major thing both men and women share when it comes to fear of commitment is they are genuinely scared of committing themselves to a relationship. How can you know if he’s really terrified of committing? That being said, for a relationship to work, you need two committed people, not one. It’s such an addictive sensation that none of us can help but want to find someone to share laughs, kisses, and tender moments with.

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