Youtube pulled gay dating ad www datingfish com

Chances are when you first see this film it doesn’t play as an ad for EDM, and it ended up providing inspiration for some of the 2000s most disturbing horror.

The “Big Brain” character in the rebooted less mysterious than when it first captured the attention of the internet.

This creepy video, chronicling one man’s attempts to appear normal for video dating, is a scant six months old (although please tell us if you find an older upload).

It’s a maze game that has bizarre flashes of black and white photography as well as disturbing audio samples, like a monologue that Charles Manson gave from San Quentin to NBC in the 1980s and images of child sex offender Jimmy Savile and Margaret Thatcher promoting the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

No one knows the purpose of the game and one of the creepy in-game children will eventually begin following you, causing “contact damage” and ending the game.

"Rubber Johnny" is not just British slang for a condom.

It’s also a very disturbing art film by Chris Cunningham for the band Aphex Twin.

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